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10 Unique Things in Iceland

Iceland is fast becoming a tourist attraction as it provides excellent opportunities for each tourist. From being a nature lover or sports interested or an adventurous kind, it’s all there in Iceland. Tourists can look forward to number of things to do in iceland during their stay. Below is a list of activities or things to do in iceland which should not be missed for the world.

Bird watching
Bird watching is things to do iceland for nature lovers. Iceland is a heaven for birdwatchers. Special tours are organized in summers for birdwatchers. Westman Islands are famous for many kinds of seabirds, and its home for Iceland’s largest seabird puffin population. The other birds which can be seen are waders, arctic terns, eiders, and passerine birds.

Fishing is an activity which can be enjoyed to its fullest for tourists who love fishing. And Iceland is famous for its salmon and trout fishing. During winters ice-fishing is quite popular. Season for trout fishing is from April/May until June though it may vary from river or lake to the next. June to mid-September is the time for Salmon fishing and permission is required in advance for it. While for trout fishing permits can be obtained on the very same day.

Skiing lovers can have a ball of time while in Iceland. With a number of Skiing resorts, available will make your trip a success. These resorts provide cross-country skiing and downhill skiing facilities for its visitors. Close to Hofsjokull glacier summer skiing is possible at Kerlingarfjoll. Even some ski-schools are run in summers.

Playing golf while you are inIceland is not a thing to be missed. For visitors who enjoy playing Golf, Golf is a treat because one can play Golf all night due to the midnight sun. 45 golf courses are open to the visitors.

Horse Riding
A unique way of enjoying the nature and splendor of the country Iceland is through horseback riding. Horses are best suited to the terrain of Iceland and they take their riders through rivers, grassy plains, rocky mountains, and lava fields with great comfort. Tourists who like horse riding, for them it would be an icing on the cake. Explore the country and enjoy the fun of riding the horses as well. The breed of the horses found in the country is very pure which are strong and muscular.

Sea Angling
Sea angling season begins late in May and lasts until the end of August with several tournaments organized in different parts of the country. It is becoming a popular sport in Iceland.

Tourists who are on the lookout for fun in water would sure enjoy going swimming. All year round in Iceland Swimming is possible as most towns and villages have outdoor or indoor swimming pools filled with water from natural hot springs. Some places also provide saunas, a Jacuzzi, solariums and hot pots.

What better way than hiking to explore and tour the country. Hiking is a favorite pastime for Icelanders and tourists alike. A large portion of Iceland is covered by lava, glaciers, lakes and sand with walking paths which facilitate hiking. Walking tours are organized year-round. During winter mostly day tours or weekend tours are possible, but longer tours are organized during summer.


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